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About Us

Götene Plast AB is one of the leading enterprises in Sweden in the field of injection moulding, having the special techniques for component infusion, gas injection and IMD/IML. We have a flexible and modern production plant. Among others we produce a lot of different components for the white goods industry. A high degree of customization, short lead-times and a cost-effective production has contributed to Götene Plast AB's large amount of long-term and confiding business relations.

January 2021, we are 34 employees distributed among 2 shifts, a continuous night shift and a continuous weekend shift. In addition there are maintenance technicians, production technicians, truck drivers and administrative staff.

Our turnover in 2020 amounted to 88 million SEK.

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Business Idea

We provide injection molded plastic parts that are characterized by high technical content, constructed by rational and efficient production. Our business concept is to to be a supplier to manufacturing companies so that they can optimize their total product economy where plastic parts are included as part of the final product