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Glass Infusion

Cell for Glass Infusion.

During a long period of time Götene Plast has been producing parts with component infusion and during the last years we have made a real effort to develop different kinds of infusions directly into the plastic products.

Since the autumn 2005 we are producing complete glass plates with a surrounding plastic frame for Electrolux. Previously the plastic frames were extruded separately, for delivery to Electrolux where frames and glass plates were assembled manually.

In co-operation with a machine supplier and an automation company we have developed a machine cell that by means of a robot places the glass plate in the moulding tool where the plastic frame is extruded. After that the robot picks out the complete part and packs it directly onto the pallet, ready for delivery to our customer. At the moment we are the sole company in Sweden having this method. The method has made it possible for Electrolux to strengthen their competitiveness as they have been able to reduce the purchase costs.